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Right now at Crossmyloof

It's all about saving brew day time and money at the moment, so it's 20 minute mash/20 minute boil brew days for us.  Tom's managed to get his brew day down to 75 minutes, leaving him ample time to darn his sweaty socks and mend his rusty bike. So if time's your issue, the below recipes are well worth a try and they'll save you some hard earned pennies on the gas too.

And some more recipes...

We're constantly adding all grain beer recipes & because we quality test each one first, it's a slow process. Someone's got to do it, and it may as well be us.  And by all means, if you think you've got a keeper we'll happily add it to the 60 plus below (after a thorough quality test of course). Enjoy!!!


We're trying to mail in biodegradable & recycled materials.   So we tend to use green biodegradable bubble wrap, paper tape, card backed Kraft paper envelopes, letterbox sized cardboard boxes and biodegradable mailing bags. We also recycle boxes from the local Chinese supermarket, so when that noodle box turns up on your doorstep, you'll know it's from us.  When we receive parcels from our suppliers using normal bubble wrap & non bio mailers, we'll reuse them and urge you to reuse too if you can. 

As for the packing of ingredients? There're limited choices to keep hops fresh, but we're trialing compostable ziplock bags on our smaller packs of hops as an option for you to choose, so we'll see how that goes... And as ever, if you have any suggestions, they're more than welcome.

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