Hi & thanks for visiting us here at Crossmyloof Brew. We have a hell-of-a-lot of hops here at CML (Currently approaching 90 Varieties), which are sourced from Charles Faram in The UK, The US, NZ The Czech Rep & Germany and stored co2 flushed in our big ass freezer (-18c). So if you're struggling to find the variety you need then give us a shout - We may just have it in stock.


And don't think you're getting any old hops we've no use for!  We'll get through a 5kg foil within three to four weeks, so pretty damn fresh and mostly from the latest harvest* (*see below) with long best before dates   

*Full trace-ability upon request. %AA may be slightly different from advertised. Hop packs my comprise more than one batch from the same year & are packed CO2 flushed for freshness :-)


AHTANUM (LEAF HOPS)- 2017 crop • 5-8% Alpha Acid • Finishing Hops. Aromatic citrus, earthy & floral. Used for IPA  


APOLLO -  2018 crop • 15-19% Alpha Acid Dual purpose hops • Orange, resinous &spicy. Used for big profile beers


ADMIRAL -2020 crop • 14-16% Alpha Acid • Bittering and Finishing Hops.  The high bitterness levels provide a very pleasant woody, herbal, hoppy characteristic.The high alpha acid content in means you will most likely find them in English style ales and IPAs.


AMARILLO - 2019 crop • 7-11% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hop.  Popular American mid-range alpha acid variety with a unique and distinct aroma. It has a flowery, citrus like aroma, more orange than grapefruit. Used For: Pale Ales, IPAs, Porters

ARCHER - 2019 crop • 4-6% Alpha Acids • Bittering and Finishing Hop. Lovely Floral aroma with hints of Lime and Peach.  Perfect for dry hopping

AZACCA - 2020 crop • 10-16% AA. Bittering and Aroma Hops. Aromas of tropical fruits and citrus. Tasting notes of spicy mango, pineapple, tangerine and pine. Great for IPA's & DIPA's


BELMA - 2019 crop • 8.5-13% Alpha Acids • Dual use hop, with a heady aroma of orange, melon, strawberry, pineapple & a hint of grapefruit. Perfect for pale ales and fragrant beers.

BRAMLING CROSS - 2020 crop • 5-8% Alpha Acids • Blackcurrant, lemony aroma. Used for porters and ales

BRAVO - 2019 crop • 14-18% AA • Earthy, spicy, fruity & floral. Used for IPA's and stouts

BREWER'S GOLD - 2019 crop • 5-9% Apha Acids • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hop • Sibling of and similar to Bullion only maturing earlier and more disease resistant. English/wild Canadian cross. Pungent English character. Used for: Mainly bittering. Stouts and Dark ales

BRU-1 - 2019 crop • 12-15% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Bittering and one of the new US aroma hops. Very popular for its fruity aroma of stone fruit, pineapple and melon.  Pale ale heaven

BULLION - 2019 crop • 8-11% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hop •  Intense blackcurrant aroma, spicy and pungent.  One of the earliest high alpha hops in the world. Used for: Mainly bittering. Stouts and Dark ales

CALYPSO - 2019 crop • 11-14% AA • Pleasant, fruity aroma with a hint of pear & apple (some say :-/)

CASCADE - (3 varieties available) 3-7%AA (2020 UK Crop), 3-8.5%AA (2020 US crop) & NZ crop below  • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hop • Flowery, citrus & spice with grapefruit the noticeable fragrance quite often. The lower AA version is more flowery, while the higher AA is more citrusy, both excellent though;) Good for flavour and aroma, but an acceptable bittering hop. Very popular hop among craft brewers. Used For: All US-Style Ales, IPAs, Porters, Barley Wines, Witbier

CASCADE NEW ZEALAND TAIHEKE- 2019 crop • 4-9% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • A fantastic citrus Kiwi hop ideal in pale and summer ales. Used For: Most light coloured beers & New World Ales

CASHMERE - 2019 crop • 7-9.5% AA • A good dual-purpose hop with smooth bitterness.  Herbal, lemon, lime and melon aromatics when added late stage or dry hopped.

CELEIA- 2020 crop • 2-5% Alpha Acids • Dual purpose hop. This distinguished variety is well known throughout the world and although identical to Fuggle in many ways it does have its own distinctive characteristics. The perfume-like hoppy character that was again used mainly in European lagers works very well in the less malty flavoured, golden-coloured beers. Strong aroma, mild bittering.

CENTENNIAL - 2020 crop • 7-12% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hop • Flowers & citrus most evident. A medium aroma with mid to high bittering value makes it a dual purpose choice. Sometimes called the super Cascade though its citrus aromas are lighter than those in Cascade. Acceptable for bittering. Used For: All US-Style Ales, IPAs, Wheat beer

CHALLENGER - 2020 crop • 5-9% Alpha Acid • Bittering and Finishing Hops • Challenger is an English & is a very strong all-rounder that blends well with other hops and offers spicy and fruity aromas. Challenger hops can be found in fairly traditional English bitters, with particularly good examples being Fullers ESB and London Pride

CHINOOK - 2020 UK crop/2020 US crop • 9-15% Alpha Acid • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hops • A high alpha acid hop with a wonderful herbal, almost smoky character when used as an aromatic during the last few minutes of the boil or when dry hoping. Excellent for hopping American-style Pale Ales, especially those brewed to higher gravities. 

COMET - 2019 crop • 6-11%AA • Dual purpose hop • A robust hop with grassy, citrus, spicy and grapefruit aromas. Use for lagers and IPA's

CLUSTER - 2018 crop • 6-9%AA • Dual Purpose • Excellent multi-purpose hops

CITRA - 2019 crop • 11-14% • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hops • Very fruity Citrus, peach, apricot, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, melon, gooseberry, lychee fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya and other tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Use For: IPA'S

CRYSTAL - 2019 crop • 3-6%AA • Finishing hops • A delicate blend of spices and flowers

COLUMBUS - Also known as CTZ, TOMAHAWK, or ZEUS - 2020 crop • 14-20% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Bittering and Finishing Hops • Columbus is a half sister to Nugget and is a high alpha variety. Columbus is used as a bittering hop with an intense, aroma. Used For: US IPAs, US Pale Ales, Stouts, Barley Wines, Lagers

DELTA - 2018 crop • 4-7%AA • Dual purpose hops •  mild spice and citrus flavours. 

EKUANOT / EQUINOX - 2019 crop • 13-16%AA • Dual purpose hops • Ekuanot (previously called Equinox and

HBC 366) features pronounced aroma characteristics and extremely high oil content. A pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics. Specific descriptors include lemon, lime, papaya, apple, and green pepper. Used For: IPAs, Pales, Session IPAs, single hop recipes.


EL DORADO - 2019 crop • 13-17%AA • Dual purpose hops • Intensely fruity with fresh cut grass. We use it in Hop forward IPA's


ELLA (Previously Stella) - 2019 crop • 13.5-16% Alpha Acids • Dual purpose • In lower doses, Ella™ can display floral and subtle spice notes, such as star anise, which is best appreciated in lagers or pilsners. With larger additions or when dry hopping, Ella™ imparts distinct tropical flavours which can be used to offset robust malt and yeast characters in many styles.  BREW TIPS: A high level of essential oil presents many options to brewers, who will be rewarded with enticing flavour combinations when varying doses are added to the mix.


EAST KENT GOLDINGS -  2020 crop • 4-8% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hop • Refined gentle, fragrant & pleasant with flowery tones. Has produced some of England's best bitters. Used For: All English-style beers (Ales, ESB, Bitter), Belgian-style Ales, Barley Wines


FALCONER'S FLIGHT BLEND - 2019 crop • 11-14%AA • Dual purpose hops • A tropical fruit bomb


FIRST GOLD - 2019 crop •  6-9% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • Pleasant citrus/apricot nose that is outstanding in ESB's, IPA's, or fruit beers.  Use For: English style ales, porters, fruit beers.

FUGGLES - 2020 crop 4-7% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hop • Classic English aroma and provides a well balanced bitterness which makes it a great choice for English and American-Style Ales. Mild and pleasant, spicy, soft, woody, with some fruit tones. Used For: Any English-Style beer, US Ales, Lambics


GALAXY - 2020 crop • 13-17%AA • Dual purpose hops • A unique Aussie citrus & passion-fruit  aroma


GALENA - 2020 crop • 10-14% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop •Medium aroma but pleasant hoppiness with an acceptable citrus aroma.  Often used as a late addition for intense citrus and tropical flavors. American

ales, stouts and lagers.


GLACIER - 2018 crops • 5-7% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • Medium aroma but pleasant hoppiness with an acceptable citrus aroma. Mild and pleasant, spicy, soft, woody, with some fruit tones (blackberry?). Used For: Any English-Style beer, US Ales, Porters & stouts

GODIVA - 2020 crop • 6-9% Alpha Acids • An aroma hop with smooth bittering qualities. Its Spicy, Gooseberry and Tangerine notes make it a great late addition hop.

GOLDINGS -  2020 crop • 4-8% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hop • Refined gentle, fragrant & pleasant with flowery tones. Has produced some of England's best bitters. Used For: All English-style beers (Ales, ESB, Bitter), Belgian-style Ales, Barley Wines

HALLERTAU - 2020 crop • 3.5-5.5% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hops • This is a noble aroma hop with ever-so-subtle flower and spice fragrances. Used For: Lagers, Pilsners, Weizens, Wits, etc...


HALLERTAU BLANC – 2019 crop • 9-11% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose • Wine-like qualities of gooseberry and grass, similar to that of Sauvignon Blanc. It also features a complex aroma profile with notes of cassis and elderflower in addition to grapes, grapefruit and lemongrass. Other notes detected in trials have been passionfruit, pineapple and gooseberry • Ideal for everything from pale lagers and pale ales to Belgian ales and Weizenbock.


HALLERTAU MITTELFRUH - 2020 crop • 3-6% AA • Finishing hops • Mild fragrance for pilsners etc...


HALLERTAU HERSBRUCKER - 2020 crop • 2-4% AA • Finishing Hops • Drier & spicier than Hallertau

HUELL MELON - 2019 crop • 5-8% AA • Finishing Hops for aroma • With Apricot, Melon and Strawberry tones it's not easy to replicate. Flavour intensity 7/10


IDAHO 7 - 2020 crop • 11/14% Alpha Acids • Bittering and Finishing Hop. known for its piney, tropical, citrus, earthy, and floral aromas. a perfect late addition to pale ales.

JARRYLO - 2019 crop • 15-17% AA • Bittering & Finishing Hops • Jarrylo's aromas can be classified as unique in the sense that along with its orange, strong lemon lime, and a clean, bright white wine characteristics, it differs from Citra and other citrus scented hops. Brewers tend to use this hop more as a finishing hop but its high alpha acids can give way to a clean bitterness if used early on. Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include clean bright white wine, strong lemon lime, orange, pear, and mild spice. Used For: Wheat Beers, Saisons, Pale Ales

JESTER - 2020 crop • 7-9% AA  • A British developed hop with the punchy aroma of a New World hop. Grapefruit, Lychee & Blackcurrant are notable on the nose. It has a complex fruity and herbal bitterness quality too.

KAZBEK - 2019 crop • 5-8% AA  • More intense than Saaz and great for any pale ale with its grapefruit, lemon and spicy aroma.

LEMONDROP - 2019 crop • 4-6% Alpha Acids • An aroma hop with smooth bittering qualities. As the name suggest, Lemondrop™ is well known for it Lemon-citrus aroma with  definite melon & a hint of green tea. Perfect for Pale Ales


LIBERTY - 2018 crop • 3-5% AA • Finishing Hops • Subtle flower & spice aroma great in lagers


LUBLIN (LUBELSKI) - 2019 crop • 3-5% AA • Finishing Hops • Famous for its spicy, clean bitterness.


MAGNUM - 2020 crop • 10-14% Alpha Acids • Bittering Hop • Prized for its high bittering value, the aromatic nature is one of spice and citrus. Used For: All Ales and Lagers


MANDARINA BAVARIA - 2020 crop • 8.5-10.5% Alpha Acids • Bittering & Aroma Hop • Mandarina Bavaria displays pleasant fruitiness in finished beers.  Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include fruity and citrus, specifically distinct tangerine and citrus flavours. Used for: Hefe's, Sours, Belgian Ales, Wits, Biere de Garde, Pale Ales, etc...

MT HOOD - 2019 crop • 4-7% AA • Finishing Hops  • Mild & spicy best used in pils, Helles & Hefe's

MINSTREL - 2018 crop • 4-7% AA • Expect a depth of aroma consisting of spiced berries, orange and slightly herbal.  A lovely mild bitterness hop too.


MOSAIC - 2019 crop • 10-14% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • Very floral, tropical, citrus, fruity, earthy and other tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Excellent for dry hopping. Used For: US-Style Pale Ales, IPAs, Double IPAs


MOTUEKA - 2020 crop • 5-8% AA • Finishing Hops  • Specific aroma descriptors include distinctive fresh crushed citrus, "Mojito" lime character, lively lemon and lime tones with background hints of tropical fruit. Ideal for IPA's, Belgians and Pilsner

MOUTERE - 2019 crop • 13-19% AA • A very high alpha New Zealand hop full of tropical fruit, citrus and pine. Great for IPA's and a good solid bitterness to it.

MYSTIC - 2019 crop • 4-7% AA • Great for dry hopping with citrus, blackcurrant & passionfruit. Great clean bitterness properties too. A good sub for Barb Rouge & Dragon

NELSON SAUVIN - 2020 crop • 10-13% Alpha Acid • Bearing the name of their closest aroma descriptor, Sauvignon Blanc grapes - "crushed gooseberry" is the term most commonly used with perhaps a hint of grapefruit. Alpha acids in the low double digits mean they are a great dual-purpose hop, with low cohumulone, good oil content, and an overall uniqueness that is taking many brewers by surprise. Underlying notes of distinctive New Zealand spiciness: black pepper, mace, and allspice are common. Commercially, Nelson has been used in everything from pale lagers and pale ales to Belgian ales and Weizenbock.


NEWPORT - 2018 crop • 9-14% AA • Dual purpose  • A robust resiny flavour hops for many beers


NORTHERN BREWER - 2019 crop • 5-9% Alpha Acid • Dual Purpose Hop • A strong fragrant hop with a rich rough-hewn flavor and aroma, ideal for steam-style beers, lagers and ales. Northern Brewer has a unique mint-like evergreen flavor. 


NORTHDOWN - 2019 crop • 6-9% Alpha Acid • Bittering and Finishing Hops • Northdown is an excellent all-rounder English hop that fits the all-purpose niche perfectly. It is quite similar to the Challenger hop if a little richer. Used in Fullers London Pride and ESB ales.


NUGGET - 2019 crop • 10-14% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • Strong heavy and herbal, spicy aroma and high bittering value. Popular for its herbal aromas with a pear and peach note. Used For: Ales, Stouts, Barley Wines, Saisons, Biere de Garde

OLICANA - 2020 crop • 6-9% AA • Dual Purpose hop •  A lovely citrus hop with Mango, Grapefruit & Passionfruit.  More "leafy" than Jester & more vigorous too. Used in Pales


OPAL - 2018 crop • 5-8% AA • Dual purpose hops • A citrus spicy hops great in Pils, Hefe's & Helles


ORION - 2018 crop • 6-9%AA • Dual Purpose • Great evergreen and citrus flavours


PACIFICA - 2020 crop • 4-8% AA • Finishing hops •  An orangey spicy aroma hops

PAHTO (HBC 682) - 2019 crop • 17-20% AA • Smooth Bittering hops •  Mild pleasant aromatics, described as herbal, earthy and floral.  A very neutral bittering hops


PALISADE - 2018 crop • 5-7.5% AA • Dual purpose • Floral, grassy & mild citrus come to mind

PERLE - 2019 crop • 6-9% Alpha Acids • Dual purpose • A palate-pleaser with its moderate,pleasant, minty clean bittering qualities and refreshing, spicy "green hop" aroma.Used For: Pale Ales, Porters, Stouts, Lagers, Weizen, Altbier, Kolsch


PHOENIX - 2020 crop • 9-13% AA • Dual purpose • A spicy sweet aroma comes to mind


PILGRIM - 2019 crop • 9-12% AA • Dual purpose • Spicy cedar and maybe a touch of mild honey


PREMIANT - 2019 crop • 6-10% AA • Dual purpose • This Bohemian hop has a traditional noble hop character which is spicy, sweet and mild in character.  Perfect for a Pilsner, Kölsch, light ales and Belgian Ales.


PROGRESS - 2020 crop • 5-8% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hop • Similar to Fuggles but a little sweeter. Robust, Fruity, Lime. M. Jackson called them “junipery”. Used For: Widely used for real cask ales. English and Scottish ales

PUNK'D UP! - 2019/2020 crop • 10-12% AA • A tropical fruit bomb mix of hops for cloning your favourite IPA. A Tribute to Punk IPA's 2010 recipe. Ideally 300g's are added late/dry hop to replicate a true Punk clone, but 100g will give you a damn fine brew.


RAKAU - 2020 crop • 10-12% AA • Dual purpose • A tropical fruit bomb, with a hint of pine

RIWAKA - 2020 crop • 4-7% AA •  A punchy tropical fruit bomb. A craft cult hero - floral, grapefruit and passionfruit.

SAAZ - 2019 crop • 2-5% Alpha Acid • Finishing Hop • Saaz is the traditional noble hop for true pilsner beer. Saaz is famous for its spicy, clean bitterness. We use it here all the time for our Czech style Pilsner. One of our favs :-)

SABRO - 2019 crop • 13.5-16% AA • Also known as HBC438. Dual purpose • A tangerine, coconut & tropical fruit bomb, with a hint of cedar


SIMCOE - 2019 crop • 11-15% Alpha Acid • Dual Purpose Hop • Aromas of passionfruit, apricot, intense pine, and woodsy aroma adds to the fresh, youthful vigor of this complex hop. Used For: US-Style Ales, Pale Ales, IPAs, Double IPAs


SLADEK – 2019 crop • 6-8% Alpha Acid • very similar to Saaz in aroma with a spicy flavour. Used For: US-Style Ales, Pale Ales, IPAs, Double IPAs

SORACHI ACE– 2019 crop • 10-14% Alpha Acid • A unique aroma hop with citrus (lemon, lime & orange), herbal and dill overtones. Used for all light beers, but especially Lager, Pils and Saison.

SOUTHERN CROSS– 2019 crop • 11-14% Alpha Acid • A unique aroma hop with lemon, pine and slightly woody. Used for all light beers, but especially Pales, Pils and Saison.

STERLING - 2018 crop • 5-9% AA • Finishing hops • Herbs & spices dominate with a slight citrus aroma. Used for light ales, Pilsners, Lagers and Hefes

STICKLEBRACT - 2018 crop • 12-15% AA • Dual purpose hops • Noted for its piney citrusy aroma great for Pale Ales

STYRIAN GOLDINGS - 2020 crop • 2-5% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hop • Delicate, slightly spicy, soft and floral. A world renowned aroma hop with widespread usage in both ale and lager brewing. Used For: Bittering, finishing, & dry hopping

STYRIAN AURORA (SUPER) - 2020 crop • 5-9% Alpha Acids • Dual purpose Hop • The aroma, which is driven by very well balanced essential oils has a spicy yet pleasant hoppiness to it. Used for strong ales, pale ales and bitters

STYRIAN DRAGON - 2019 crop • 5-11% Alpha Acids • A lovely refreshing aroma hop with grapefruit, lemon and a hint of rose. Perfect for anything pale.


STYRIAN FOX - 2019 crop • 2-6% Alpha Acids • A great fruity aroma with blackcurrant, elderflower, tropical fruits, lemongrass, and a touch of marjoram. Great for fruity pales

2020 crop • 10-13% Alpha Acids • Dual purpose Hop • Developed by the Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing, Styrian Wolf is one of the latest Styrian hops on the market. When brewed, expect intense fruity and floral notes. These include flavours of sweet tropical fruits and complex aromas of mango, elderflower and even a hint of violet. Used for Pale Ale, IPA's, DIPA's, etc.

SUMMIT - 2020 crop -13-15% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • Summit is a high alpha, variety. Its aromas have been described as herbal, citrus, grapefruit, and tangerine. It has been used for bittering and dry hopping. Popularity with the DIPA crowd.

TALUS (HBC 692) - 2020 crop • 8-10% Alpha Acids • A punchy hop delivering pink grapefruit, citrus, pine and a touch of herb. Used For: Anything light like NEIPA, Pales, Lager and Wheats

TARGET - 2020 crop • 9-12% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • Widely used for high alpha acid content combined with an acceptable aroma. Pleasant English hop aroma, quite intense. Used For: Robust bittering. British ales and lagers

TETTNANG - 2020 crop • 4-7% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hop • Fine, very spicy, mild, floral, very aromatic. Recently established in the U.S., traditional German variety, true noble aroma variety.  Used For: US-Style Ales, Wheats, Lagers, Pilsners

ULTRA - 2018 crop • 3-5% AA • Finishing hops • A very fine spicy hops with floral notes. Used widely in Pilsners, Lagers and light ales

VIC SECRET - 2020 crop • 15-19% Alpha Acids • Dual purpose • Lighter and less dominant than Galaxy™, yet there is still more than enough character for Vic Secret™ to embellish the world of beer flavour. BREW TIPS: The clean, distinct fruit and pine characters of Vic Secret™ are best accessed by dry hopping or whirlpool additions. Late kettle additions have been found to impart a pleasant earthy character, but little fruit. She has very high levels of alpha acid so brewers may find it easier to craft the right balance in their beer by dry hopping.

WAI-ITI- 2020 crop • 2-4% Alpha Acids • Aroma Hop • Peach, Apricot, Stonefruit & Citrus make this Kiwi hop a perfect late addition hop. Used For: Most light coloured beers & New World Ales

WAKATU - 2020 crop • 6-10% Alpha Acids • Dual Purpose Hop • Also known as Hallertau Aroma. Used For: Most light coloured beers & New World Ales

WAIMEA - 2020 crop • 16-19% AA • A Big dual purpose hop with a citrus, pine needles and tangerine aroma. A good alternative for Columbus and Pacific Jade. 

WARRIOR - 2019 crop • 13-15% AA • Dual purpose hops • Known for its mild aroma with grapefruit, lemon and some piney notes. Great bittering qualities for IPA's. 

WILLAMETTE - 2020 crop • 4-7% Alpha Acids • Finishing Hop • A joyous harmony of flowers, fruit, earth and spice. A quality aroma hop with a smooth soft flavor. Used For: All English-Style Ales, US Pale Ales, US Brown Ales, American Lagers, Porters

WORLD9- 2019 crop • 8-10% AA. A blend of 9 hops from 3 continents. Aromas of Pineapple, citrus & a back kick of grapefruit. Great and pale ale and refreshing IPA's. NEIPA? Not sure if it would suit a NEIPA, but who knows?...

ZAPPA - 2020 crop • 4-8% Alpha Acids • A US hop bomb. Aromas of spice, mango, passion fruit, citrus & pine. Great for IPA's NEIPAs, Fruit Beers and Pale Ales.