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Wine, Cider, Mead, Seltzer, High Alc etc.

CML wine yeast
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Whatever yeast you’re after, we’ve got some great competitively priced yeast for your brew. Packs include all the yeast nutrient** you'll need (**There's no nutrient in the all purpose wine yeast).

EXAMPLE PRICES (incl. Delivery & VAT)

1 Pack £1.60 to £2.40
3 Packs £1.17 to £1.97 each
5 Packs 99p to £1.79 each
10 Packs 85p tp £1.65 each
20 Packs 63p to £1.43 each
40 Pack 50p to £1.30 each

Every pack has enough viable yeast to brew up to 10L * (2 Gallons) of your lovingly made home brew, with LONG BEFORE DATES.

*A starter may be required for brews above 10L, and we recommend 2 to 3 packs for 22.5l brews. However, with a good starter 1 pack will ferment 22.5l (not inc the all purpose yeast)

Have a very happy brew day. Steven, Tom, Mark and Cameron

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