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WHC 500g Dry Yeast Packs

WHC 500 Dried
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Brand: WHC Labs

WHC Lab 500g Commercial Dried Yeast Packs. Perfect for those big brew days... More info here: HERE

BOND DRIED YEAST. A dried English Ale yeast with fast fermentation ideal for IPAs, Porters, Stouts. S-04 equivalent.

BANANA SPLIT. A non diastatic yeast. Produces high amounts of isoamyl acetate which is perceived as a banana flavour balanced with less dominant aromatics of apple, clove and plum. The esters are more dominant at high temperature and at lower pitches. Leaves a crisp finish, raising the temperature can increase banana flavour. Weihenstephan equivalent

DUBBELL TROUBLE. This strain produces a balanced phenolic profile including dried fruit and figs. It is perfect for the brewing of Belgian beers including Dubbels, Trippels and Belgian strong ales. Abbey Ale IV, Rocherfort equivalent

EINSTEIN. A dried yeast specially selected for the fermentation of lager and pilsner type beers. Saflager 34/70 equivalent.

FARMHOUSE VIBES. A diastatic farmhouse Saison yeast, high attenuation will dry out the beer and a high rate of glycerol production will produce a great mouthfeel. Expect a bouquet of pepper and fruit from this phenolic yeast. French Saison, 3711, WLP590 equivalent

HIGH VOTAGE. A Clean thermotolerant yeast, with little ester production. Fermentation temperature 31-35c. ABV tolerance 17%abv. Flocculation: High. It'll make beer of any style, including lager. Read more about High Votage here.

LAX DRIED YEAST. Ale yeast of American origin, the aroma produced is quite neutral in order to accentuate the hop aromas in particular in dry-hopped beer. US-05 equivalent.

LOW RIDER. It is a yeast species that cannot ferment maltotriose, giving a low attenuation value leaving the attenuation in the mid 60’s depending on mash temperature and grain bill used. The use of this yeast is focused towards table/session styles and non alcoholic beers.

MANGO MADNESS. A thermotolerant yeast perfect for hoppy beers, with guava and mango ester production. Fermentation temperature 31-37c. ABV tolerance 17%abv. Flocculation: High. Attenuation: 76-80% It'll make beer of any style, but perfect for IPA's and the like. Read more about Mango Madness here.

OLD ENGLISH DRIED YEAST. British-style ale yeast that has a high attenuation. low to medium Esther production. A good top-fermenting yeast strain. A great choice for pale ales, ambers, porters and stouts. Nottingham equivalent.

SATURATED DRIED YEAST. WHC Labs are pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing dried yeast collection. Our first dried NEIPA yeast perfect for beers requiring fruit forward ester driven styles. London Ale III equivalent

SOUR HOUR. This yeast is isolated from grapes and naturally produces lactic acid, ethanol and an ester profile when inoculated into wort. It is used as an alternative to kettle souring with Lactobacillus species. Philly Sour equivalent. More info here:

BJORN. HORNINDIAL KVEIK. A dried version of a yeast strain isolated from a kveik isolate from the Hornindial region in Norway. Similar to other kveik strains like Voss this is a thermotolerant strain. Higher temperatures increase the production of tropical fruit esters, this yeast is also great for dark styles such as imperial stouts. Great for IPA’s and pale ales this yeast produces flavours of tangerine, pineapple and mango. A very high rate of fermentation and flocculation at higher temperatures. More technical info from WHC here.

RAGNAR. VOSS KVEIK. This yeast is isolated from a farmhouse culture from the voss region in Norway. Extremely thermotolerant, push this yeast as high as 40 degrees Celsius to increase the ester profile. Produces orange and citrus esters. Perfect for high gravity brewing as it also has a very high ABV tolerance. More technical Info from WHC Here.

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