Spraymalt (Dried Malt Extract)

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We have some light spraymalt (DME) in stock, and hopefully we'll be getting more varieties in soon. The below prices include delivery

500g = £7.25

1kg = £11.30

1.5kg = £15.90

2kg = £20.00

2.5kg = £21.90

3kg = £23.70

Spraymalt is dried malt extract (DME). It's made from malted barley and will improve the quality of your beer kit when used in place of sugar. Your beer will be richer, have more body and have improved head formation and retention.


1 Replace 50/50 with sugar – 1/2 kg sugar plus 1/2 kg Spraymalt. Use this in any beer kit recipe which suggests the addition of 1 kg of sugar. This recipe will help dramatically in improving the overall quality and flavour of your beer.

2 Substitute 1kg of Spraymalt for all the sugar recommended in the beer kit recipe. Important note: when using this recipe you must use a Premium yeast as you will be producing a beer particularly rich and full-bodied requiring the improved fermentation characteristics of the premium yeast. Simply substitute the Spraymalt for the sugar stated in the beer kit recipe.

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