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Hop Extract

Hop Extract
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10ml Aroma Hop Extracts:

These 10ml natural extracts are great for 'dry hopping', or for taking down the pub to spice up that 'just not hitting the mark' beer. Are they exact replacements? They'll definitely give you the familiar character you're after and great to play around with, but there are subtle differences. So, let us know how you get on.

  • Citrulicious - Intense burst of hop citrus and piney, dank character from US hops. Suited to IPA beer styles
  • Kentish Town - An extract from the most popular UK hop. Suited to IPA beer styles and anything English
  • Nectaron® - delivers a distinctive pineapple and passion fruit character. Think sweet tropical fruits!
  • Outback - Using Australian hops. Strong, bold passionfruit and citrus notes
  • Pacific North West - US 3C hop provides spicy and citrus aromas for great IPA

Dosage? In a pint? 1 to 3 drops from the dropper. Less is more to start with, then you'll get a feel for the dosage and character. In a 23 litre brew? Pale Ales - 2.5-5ml, IPA's - 6-10ml. It's best to start small to perform benchmark trials, before dosing a full brew.

When to add? After your brew has finished fermenting and leave for a few hours before packaging. In a pint? Under the table, so no one sees.

Storage? Essential oils are stable when stored at room temperature. However, our current storage guidelines recommend cold storage, between 1-5°C.

Suitable for Vegan diets

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10ml Isomerised Hop Extract 30% Alpha Acid

This natural hop product will add bitterness without the need for boiling, perfect for adjusting the bitterness of your brew

1ml equates to 10 ibu’s in a 23 litre batch

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