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This yeast strain (Lachancea termotolerans) produces lactic acid while initiating alcoholic fermentation, so perfect for sour beers. SOUR3.5 makes a consistent “crispy” SOUR beer & is compatible with any conventional yeast, making it ideal for any sour-style beer production.

No need for the addition of lactic acid, or kettle souring shortening the brewing processing

How to use: Simply pitch, wait 1 to 4 days until ph reaches 3-3.5 then pitch another standard yeast of your choice to stop the souring process and to continue fermentation.

Dosage: 30g per 23l @ 18 to 25c Tolerance: 7.2% ABV

Hints & Tips: The manufacturers recommend 100-200g per HL, so you might be able to drop the dosage slightly, 23g for your brew as a minimum. This is a slow fermenting yeast strain, so going for that 30g per 23l mark is recommended.

Hints & Tips: SOUR3.5 will only consume glucose and maltose, so you will need to pitch a regular brewing yeast to finish the fermentation. Adding the saccharomyces cerevisiae (a standard ale yeast) will also have the added benefit of killing the Fermo Sour, which will reduce the risk of infection. There may be a bit of lag time for the standard yeast to kill off the souring process, so you may want to pitch the standard yeast up to 12 hours earlier than planned - i.e2 to 3 days into the SOUR3.5 pitch is about right, but using a PH meter is recommended for consistent brews

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