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Designed to be direct pitches. Meaning no starter required. Perfect for a quick and hassle-free brew day! Full Yeast Specs HERE (NOT SUITABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY)

BIER BITTE. A perfect Kolsch yeast sourced from Germany. Works nicely with the hops and malt to create a lovely lager like beer at higher ale temperatures. Beer Styles: Lagers and Kolsch. Flocculation: Medium to Medium-low, Attenuation: 73-77%, Temperature: 16-20°C

BREXIT. Produces a fruit punchbowl aroma. Beers tend to have silky smooth mouthfeel and juicy aroma and when this yeast is used. Beer Styles: NEIPAs, Pale Ales, West Coast IPAs. Comparative Strains: London Fog. Flocculation: Medium to medium high, Attenuation: 65-70%, Temperature: 18-21°C

FUNKY PINEAPPLE. A very interesting yeast to experiment with. Produces powerful tropical fruit flavors at normal ale temperatures. At higher ale temperatures, it starts to produce funky aromas with even more aggressive pineapple notes. Was originally categorized as a Brettanomyces strain. STA1 positive, promoter region negative. Beer Styles: NEIPA, West Coast IPAs, Pale Ales. Comparative Strains: WLP644. Flocculation: Low, Attenuation: 78-82%, Temperature: 18-24°C

FRUIT BOWL. A blend of yeasts picked for their ability to produce a complex fruit ester profile. This is a beautiful combination for your pale ales and IPA's. Beer Styles: Pale Ales, IPAs, NEIPAs and Red Ales. Comparative Strains: London Ale 3, Juice. Flocculation: Medium, Attenuation: 74-76%, Temperature: 19-21°C

HELLES FIRE CLUB. Good flocculation and low diacetyl/sulphur production with lower attenuation. This is the perfect strain for malt forward lager styles. Beer Styles: Helles, lager, pilsner, bock. Comparison: WLP860. Flocculation: Medium, Attenuation: 68-73%, Temperature: 10-16°C

JUICE MACHINE. A blend of yeasts that produces delicate citrus, apricot and grapefruit esters. Beer Styles: NEIPAs, Pale Ales, West Coast IPAs. Flocculation: Low-Medium, Attenuation: 73-77%, Temperature: 18-21°C

LACTOBACILLUS. A liquid bacterial blend including Brevis and Plantarum for providing quick and/or complex souring for kettle sours and mixed fermentation's. Temp Range (25-35 Degrees). Dosage: 1L per HL

LAX. A clean versatile strain isolated from a famous west coast microbrewery. With little ester production, it allows New World Hops to take center stage. Beer Styles: Pale Ales, West Coast IPAs, Red Ales, Stouts, Imperial Stouts, Brown Ales. Comparative Strains: WLP001. Flocculation: Medium to medium-low, Attenuation: 73-80%, Temperature: 16-22°C

SANDERS. The yeast that started the New England trend. The yeast strain produces stone esters that leave the beer with a bouquet of grapefruit and mango flavour and aromas. Beer Styles: NEIPA, Pale Ales, West Coast IPA, Red Ales, Stouts, Imperial Stouts, Brown Ales. Comparison: Vermont, Conan, Burlington. Flocculation: Medium, Attenuation: 73-77%, Temperature: 16-21°C

SATURATED. Top Cropping yeast from Boddingtons, the best yeast for a NEIPA? Juicy. Beer Styles: NEIPAs, Pale Ales, West Coast IPAs,Stouts, Imperial Stouts, Brown Ales. Comparative Strains: London Ale 3, Juice


EBBEGARDEN (Valkyrie).Another fruity Kveik! This one produces a nice guava aroma. This strain enhances bitterness, for this reason, it is recommended not to use any bittering hops. Beer Styles: IPAS, NEIPAs, Red Ales, Double IPAs. Flocculation: High, Attenuation: 70-80%, Temperature: 31-37°C

UBBE. Something special! A lager yeast at body temps . Clean lager like aroma and taste. Could also be used for clean styles with no yeast character desired. Beer Styles: Norwegian Lager Yeast. Used for Lager Styles, clean beer styles. WCIPA, Stout, Red Ale. Flocculation: Medium, Attenuation: 73-82, Temperature: 30-37

HORNINDIAL (Bjorn). Great for IPA's and pale ales this yeast produces flavours of tangerine, pineapple and mango. A very high rate of fermentation and flocculation at higher temperatures. Beer Styles: IPAS, NEIPAs, Red Ales, Double IPAs. Flocculation: High, Attenuation: 70-81%, Temperature: 30-35°C

VOSS (Ragnar). This strain produces a dominant orange peel aroma that pairs well with citrusy hops.. A yeast strain isolated from a kveik isolate from the Voss region in Norway. Beer Styles: IPAS, NEIPAs, Red Ales, Double IPAs. Flocculation: Medium-High, Attenuation: 70-82%, Temperature: 33-40°C

Info. Each pouch contains 150ml of live liquid yeast - keep refrigerated but raise to room temperature before pitching or creating a starter culture. Each pouch of WHC Labs yeast is sufficient for a 22/23 litres brew up to 1.065 gravity. For higher gravity/bigger brews make a starter culture or use more than one pouch.

Tip. Kveik needs a good dose of yeast nutrient to be added to the wort, more so than regular yeast. If the wort has a low amount of nutrients the Kveik will stress which will in turn produce a level of esters.

Tip. Ubbe Kveik. Keep the temperature down and add nutrient to get a cleaner ferment. Also, increasing the mash PH produces a crisper lager

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