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100g Hop Pellets - Co2 Foil Flushed for Freshness (see our hop guide for hop characteristics)

We thought it'd be a good idea for a separate listing on all the hop mixes we have. They can also be found on the 50g, 100g, 225g listings, etc... but below we provide the hop mix recipes where we can. Hope that helps and any recipes you think we should add, then let us know. The CML Brew Team

  • FALCONER'S FLIGHT BLEND - 2020 crop • 12.6%AA. This is a commercial blend, so we're not entirely sure what's in it. It's lovely though and great for anything requiring citrusy hops.
  • NEIPA Mix - 2020 crop • 13.9% AA. A mix of the 4 big hitters to suit a really hoppy beer. Each 100g pack contains 25g Citra, 25g Mosaic, 25g Simcoe and 25g Amarillo. A dry hop of 100g will give a lovely citrusy aroma, but a 100g late addition (say 5 minute boil) and and extra 100g dry hop will really hit the mark
  • PUNK'D UP! (2010 RECIPE MIX) - 2020 crop • 10% AA. A Blend to match Punk's 2010 recipe that's widely available on their DIY Dog site. Each 100g Pouch contains 32g Chinook (US), 23g Willamette or Ahtanum (whatever we have on hand at the time), 17g Simcoe, 11g Nelson Sauvin, 13g of Cascade (US) and 3g of Amarillo. To get that Punk finish in a 23 litre brew they recommend a 100g wihirpool addition & 200g dry hop addition. *Note the bittering hops will have to be added separately if brewing from scratch
  • RUSSIAN RIVER PLINY THE ELDER - 2020 crop • 13% AA. A mix of hops to clone the fabulous Pliny the Elder. Each 100g includes 16g Columbus, 51g Simcoe and 33g Centennial. In a 23lt brew we recommend using 200g split 50/50 between a flavour addition (say a 5 minute boil) and a dry hop aroma addition. *Note the bittering hops will have to be added separately if brewing from scratch
  • THORNBRIDGE JAIPUR. 2020 crop • 8.8% AA. The mix is based on the original recipe. Each 100g Pouch contains 35g Chinook (US), 26g Centennial & 39g Ahtanum. To get the best use out of it for a 23 litre brew we recommend a 35g flavour addition (boil for 5 minutes or so) and 65g at flame out with a 20 to 30 minute hops stand. *Note the bittering hops will have to be added separately if brewing from scratch
  • TROPICAL ENGLAND 2020 crop • 6% AA. A mix of 5 English grown hops including Jester, Olicana, Godiva, Mystic & Archer that will infuse a tropical aroma into a refreshing English IPA with a difference. 100g late addition/dry hop will do just nicely in a 23 litre brew, but adding another 100g will hit the mark.
  • US 'C HOP' MIX - 2020 crop • 11.6%AA. A blend of US 'C hops' like Citra, Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, Crystal, Cascade and a few others. Perfect for any pale, IPA or NEIPA.
  • WORLD9 - 2020 crop • 9.4% AA. A lovely grapefruit/pineapple blend of 9 hops from around the world, i.e. New Zealand, Europe, The UK and The USA. A 100g to 200g late addition/dry hop in a 23 litre brew will be perfect for a light tropical pale ale

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